About Us

What We Do & Why We Do It.

Hi I'm Kim 😁🤘 I founded Rock-A-Punk in 2015 in Falkirk, Scotland with the notion to provide alternative clothing at an affordable price. We want to bring the most awesome clothing, sourced from around the world, home to you! We believe that shopping in your local town for the things you love should ALWAYS be an option but also understand that it's super handy to have the convenience of an online store. We also think that alternative community is one of the most inclusive and open minded groups of people around and we want to provide a place where everyone can keep in touch with what's going on in the local scene. To that end, we'll be launching an event page and selling DIY band cd's in the near future as well as continuing to do so in store.

We also LOVE to be social so we share all our news on our blog, Facebook page so you are always in the know about the goings on at Rock-A-Punk. Heaven forbid you should miss out on some of our awesome promos or that ridiculous picture of some random hilarious antics! 

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